MyStar Connect® diabetes management software

MyStar Connect® is the new, easy-to-use diabetes data management software that helps deliver the insight you need to adjust your patients’ therapy. Using this software, you can download data from BGStar® and MyStar Extra® blood glucose meters and safely store all patient data for the next visit. The software provides simple, straightforward and intuitive graphical visualisations of patient data, helping you to focus on the most important metrics, so you can review and analyse the data in easy and effective way. With MyStar Connect® you can individualise patient care by assigning personal targets according to your patients’ needs and review their target achievement progress at each patient visit.


presents the overall status of each patient and highlights areas which need attention


can be identified with trend chart, modal day chart and logbook


with simple and intuitive graphical visualisation of key data can be printed and shared with patients


MyStar Connect® - new approach to diabetes management software



Please contact your local customer care center to know more about the availability of MyStar Connect® in your country.