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MyStar Extra® blood glucose meter

Through its innovative features, MyStar Extra® is a supportive blood glucose meter that illustrates insulin therapy progress and treatment success simply and effectively, so people with diabetes may stay motivated to achieve glycemic control. Find out more about the estimated A1c of MyStar Extra®

Progress follow-up

Calculates an estimated A1c value and its trends – a key indicator for long-term glucose control – based on historical blood glucose values stored in the device.

Therapy adjustments

Provides patients with additional blood glucose information on fasting plasma glucose readings and trends, and displays an automatic 3-day fasting glucose average – an important parameter for basal insulin titration.

Motivation and engagement

Designed to keep people motivated in engaging with their diabetes management, to help achieve their blood glucose targets and to adhere to recommended therapy plans even between doctor visits.

MyStar Extra® Backgrounder

The aim of diabetes management is to help patients achieve glycaemic control, to delay or prevent diabetes-related complications, and to help improve quality of life. Therefore, self-monitoring of blood glucose is important to carefully manage insulin therapy. However, for many people with diabetes, it is challenging to remain motivated and follow their treatment plan. Sanofi’s MyStar Extra® is an innovative blood glucose monitoring device that helps people with diabetes stay informed about the therapy progress by providing additional information.

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MyStar Extra®: Key Features

  • Estimation of ~A1c
  • Fasting trend arrows
  • Three-day fasting plasma glucose (FPG) average

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Meet MyStar Extra®

a supportive blood glucose monitoring device and the first meter with an estimated A1c value.


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